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About Kelley Springer - Butterfly Woman

Intuitive Healer and Inner Child Emotional Navigator


Kelley Springer is an exceptional healer, She embodies Scott Peck's definition of love: "The willingness to extend oneself for another's spiritual growth."


I am glad your here, this world needs us, our light shining together makes this world a better place.


I serve as an intuitive guide and spiritual ally on our life’s journey

I call “The Way” respectfully taught to me from my Cherokee grandfather and Native Elder Grandmothers. My name derives from the Butterfly People who are one of the spiritual families to which I belong. As a Mother of three, a Grandmother and Wife I have deep grounding in family  relationships and the challenges many of you are or will perhaps face some day.


Long ago, before we were born, a spark began to blaze a path through our Ancestors - all those who have walked before us;  A path that, if followed, would lead to our own self-awakening. After finding my own path through deep ancestral roots of my Cherokee and Scottish family, I awoke to my gifts for aiding others on their path to finding their way home.


My deepest intent is to inspire you to want to know more about your divine purpose and meaning on your own unique path. Each step I take you through  is an initiation for your personal growth.


Your life on Earth is truly a gift, it is yours to embody as an empowered personal experience of connection and communion. When we find ourselves stuck in lower vibrational experiences which is part of being human, the practices I offer become an essential tool as we light our journey home.


Join me in sacred practice, in deep listening, in artful living, connecting with Nature and the soul of Mother Earth, in support of our deepest awakening. Together, we can find answers to our current needs - as individuals, families, communities, cities, states, countries and our world. I am here to welcome you home… I can’t wait to see what we will co-create and dream as we express pure unlimited soul potential to make lasting changes here on Earth!













My Personal Initiation and Accreditation


Life for me began as an Artist, a Graduate (1983) of the Colorado Institute of Art, with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design, I started my own freelance business and later was hired as a lead Art Director for a Silicon Valley computer company. At which time my healing gifts began to awaken.  Many of the clients I have worked with have transitioned or wanted to transition from their career to their calling.  Often times a risk and daring leap of faith when taken can produce real magic and joy in one's life.


From many years as an Art Director and teaching 1-6 grade art as a parent teacher for my children's schooling at an Alternative School I awoke my love of Intuitive Art.  This began Artful living another part of the practices I teach. Just as art lives in the HeArt of each of us, we possess a deep knowing in our souls. This is a place of ignition with which to express our human potential through intuitive awareness and self-expression. Unlimited potential for creativity and artful aliveness is ours to play with here.


Through this practice in my own life I became an Intuitive artist, musician - playing the harp spontaneously. I became a sacred-storyteller that led to working with Waldorf Students to teach sacred art.  For the past six years, I have been the Chief Storyteller and Potlach Ceremonial Leader for the Northern Waldorf 4th graders. This year, I am starting the Southern Oregon Potlatch Event while continuing in my seventh year as Chief Storyteller. I offer an original story at these events given to me from sacred listening in Nature. Listening to ancestors, animals, elementals I am given amazing tails that touch the heart.




Initiated By Spiritual Elders


Charles Hawkins - Crowman, a modern shaman half Creek and half Scottish, became my Native teacher and Medicine wheel teacher in 1992. I participated in 15 Vision Quests and numerous ceremonies, dream circles, drum circles and annual White Buffalo Ceremonies while developing my healing gifts.


Lois Collard - Blue Bird, Intuitive Counselor and Energy Healer was a key person in my awakening healing gifts to help me stay real, grounded and clear as I became more active with my gifts. Crowman and Lois gave me my first initiation as a Medicine Woman 1994, inviting me to pursue my new path as a healer.



Lois and then later
Charles took the journey

to the Spirit World.

Crowman sent me a

message two weeks

before his passing where

he told me he was going

to pass the wheel

on to me.


Through communion with my ancestral grandfather I was able to complete the wheel as a teaching in time for my initiation as an Elder/Crone at age 52.  I now hold the complete wheel teaching called the Wheel of Life.  I have led numerous clans to Mt. Shasta, taught dream circles and mentor youth. Working with the blessings of the wheel, we can learn to pay more attention to our life path.
















Mary Marghret-Rose, Spiritual Mentor, who ordained me in 1996 to the church of the Golden Age, embracing all faiths. The clearest and most positive supporter of my awakening gifts, she embodied pure love and gave from her heart till the day she made her journey.  She speaks to me to this day as a guide.  I so admire her light and purity of spirit.  She truly gave me so much courage to be who I am. Her love of the Masters is a true channel that helped me to be ready to embrace the temple of light I carry as my own unique gift for healing.  Awakening my self as a holy woman, who was truly on a path of the sacred and light. Mary Marghret helped me to become Butterfly Woman, connecting me to higher families of light and to my soul.



Throughout my journey as I woke to my gifts my

ancestors spoke to me often. Teaching me about Wholeness, what it

meant, and how to be fully at home in my body. I am forever

grateful to their deep patience and endless love!






























Even though I was being acknowledged as a medicine woman by my elders,

I took these initiations as personal embodiments rather than titles.  I have great respect for First Nation teachers who have struggled to hold on to their traditional ways. Often my students call me their shaman as my gifts are all that ... I still do not wish to refer to myself as such. Out of respect, I am  a Spiritual  counselor, Intuitive healer or simply a guide. I thank you for your understanding. Please join me in protecting First Nation Peoples Rights.


I only wish to serve you in the best way possible.

Love and Blessings

Kelley Springer - Butterfly Woman

My Teacher and Elder still living:


Sal Navarro, Coastonion Native Spiritual Teacher from Baja Mexico,


I was initiated again as a medicine woman (2002) by Sal. Helping me to recover from many sorrows and family challenges I was facing at that time.


In 2005, Sal became my Padrino, I was initiated to Yemaya (The Ocean Mother). As a daughter of the Ocean, I am learning to embody the heart of Compassion. Learning all the levels of the Ocean Mother is a life long commitment to become her walking embodyment.



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