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Inner Child Healers Training

Advanced Courses I offer:


Master-Embodiment Practices

This is a one–on–one series of 12 instructions designed to

enhance personal growth to empower you to the next level.


Some of what you will be learning you can use as a practice

in your daily life as you grow a tool kit for life.


• Divine Mother Meditation

• Water Mother Initiation

• Self Marriage Initiation

• Re-patterning Masters Program

• Pattern Busting through Body Awareness

• Three Feathers Practice

• Three Kingdom Communication

• Elemental Communication

• Dreaming and Co-Dreaming

• Meet Your Dragon of Destiny

• Body Care Physical Balance - Cleansing Practices















Each month you will be learning lessons to put into practice in your daily life that help you maintain your field, give you conscious connection to Source and deepen your listening skills.


Pay by the Month




Master Embodiment Practice- One Year







Wheel of Life teaching













The Wheel of Life teaching - Learn the wheel of Seven.

I am an Elder, Clan Leader and ceremonial healer.


This is a process that I offer as an on-line course or to a groups in person.  Designed to teach you how to connect to inner guidance and practice deep listening in an empowered way with Spirit.


• Deepen your spiritual connection to Source/Creator

• Have greater guidance and direction in your life

• Be more balanced with everyday life needs

• Bring body awareness to your Earthly-Walk

• Practice dreaming with purpose

• Learn to trust the connection to life around you



The final initiation with the wheel is a four day journey often to

Mt. Shasta where I have led 11 clans to sit on the mountain. The cost and expense of this part of the journey is not listed here.  I do not charge fees for sitting on the mountain. I ask for donations to respect my Elders who gave me the teachings and myself as a budding Elder Teacher respectfully. I only charge fees for the course instruction. There are costs for travel depending on where you live.


This course is Five Weeks

meets once a week for two hours.

Sign up as an individual and we can set time that works for you.  For groups I can offer discounted rates and we can set times to meet in person or on-line.






My Intention as A Teacher


I am sharing these teaching from the deep roots of my ancestors who sing through my heart. I feel I am an indigenous soul awake, I went searching for my self and found my Cherokee and Scottish heritage rich with gifts.  These gifts took me on a walk that has no end. Into Spirituality and shamanic practices and  teachers with big hearts to embrace me.  I awoke to my gifts as a healer and became a clan leader in time.  A holder of a Modern Medicine Wheel I call "The Wheel of Life."


Learning to listen to life all around us, we realize we have countless guides and teachers in nature who are ready to share their gifts with us.  I can assist you to more fully connect to these many teachers through source communication with the three kingdoms: the rocks (minerals), the plants, and the animals.


Likewise, through the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether, we begin to feel our own expression in relationship to the Earth Mother who holds us at all times. We begin to feel more at home in our body which allows us the ability to connect with not only our soul, but the Earth and all life as well. We are without question each one of us a child of the light, veiled in our humanness. When we know our self as love then we are able to share more love with others.


To know how to navigate the layers of self-hood into a deeper understanding of purpose and meaning in our lives is the gift of “The Way”.  As my ancestors before me, and countless others, have found on their way to empowered soul awakening … a deep truth is revealed: That we are here to Love and be Loved.


Artful living is another part of the practices I teach. Just as art lives in the HeArt of each of us, we possess a deep knowing in our souls. This is a place of ignition with which to express our human potential through intuitive awareness and self-expression. Unlimited potential for creativity and artful aliveness is ours to play with here.


As a storyteller and keeper of wisdom I carry many keys that can help ignite others to find their own creative expression and begin to play with life more fully. Each of us has keys of wisdom that are worth remembering. Often I am reminded as I move a person through their personal process how we are all so connected to the Source. God/Great Spirit, or what ever it is that you choose to call your higher power is a pervasive part of our everyday life. When we can better feel and know our connection to Source we are able to feel more secure in being who we are. I invite you to be your greatest potential as a human being living on the Earth, to awaken and have the courage to be who you are.  When we are fully seated in the hand of the divine with love we are an unstoppable force that can move mountains and help create change in the world that is grounded in truth.


Thank You

Kelley Springer - Butterfly Woman

I am now offering Inner Child Healers Training Starting January 21st, 2018. Read details below, I have a detailed course outline and Application ready for you if your interested in applying. You can use my contact page here to request the application for consideration. Once approved you will be notified and can officially sign up.

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