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Inner Child Healers Training

MISSION/VISION To Inspire Love, each of us holds unique gifts that resonate the souls light. Held within us is our purpose -Who We Are. When we ask ourselves “Who am I?” we engage one of the deepest of life’s questions. My mission is to guide and assist you through deep listening, inquiry, and practice, to embody your true self-connection and (realize your) soul awakening. Loving and holding each person on the way home is a privilege and one that I take seriously with my whole heart, in loving service with the intent to be guided by Spirit in all that I do. To Schedule A Session If we have not met, I recommend that you call me for a 45-minute free consultation. I look forward to getting to know you! To schedule a session you can reach me through Email, Text or Phone: Call to make an appointment (831) 419-5031 Sessions Available by Skype, phone, in Person if your located in or near Ashland, Oregon. *Locals rate available - Ask me about friends and family specials! My session rate for one hour
sliding scale $120-$170 per hour I offer payment arrangements, lower sliding scale in certain situations or scholarships. Let me know how I can support you. Let's begin…below are three packages Ready to go for it, each package is set to give you special attention and care. No longer charging by the hour, offering you premium service and care for your inner process. Master Package One
1 Ancestral Thread Healing Session
Three Inner Child Sessions, 2 hours each
Two 30 minute consults
Free E-book and Worksheets to support your inner process.
$850.00 Master Package Two
2 Ancestral Thread Healing Sessions
Five Inner Child Sessions, 2 hours each
Three 30 minute consults
Free E-book and Worksheets to support your inner process.
$1250.00 Master Package Three
2 Ancestral Thread Healing Sessions
1 Past Life Healing Session
Seven Inner Child Sessions, 2 hours each
Four 30 minute consults
Free E-book and Worksheets to support your inner process.
$1950.00 Contribute to my Scholarship program and receive a free gift! I have always practiced charity in my work. Those who are in need welcome your help. Lets make healing possible together. I offer scholarships to people with cancer, head injuries, illness, elders on a fixed budget, students and single parents. As well as those who simply find themselves in need. Linda Testimonial - Medford, Oregon I have had the pleasure of numerous healing sessions with Kelley. She has helped family relationship matters for me, while at the same time opening my heart to the beauty within. I feel so normal now. She is an incredible Healer and some days it is difficult to fully grasp the impact of what her healing has given back to me. I thank her with heart-filled gratitude and love for the amazing gift of simple daily comfort. Heidi Testimonial - Santa Cruz, California You have healed me physically, emotionally, spiritually and have given me copious amounts of love! I love you with all my heart, with all my soul and with everything I have to give. I would recommend to anyone that they seek healing with you as you are truly a conduit to our true selves; the ones we intended to be when we contracted for the job of this current life. I finally feel all of the effects of everything you've ever given me! I am feeling whole and I am loving myself just as much as I love everyone else, which is an insane amount! Thank you so much for all of the great gifts you shared! Healing happens when you say yes to loving you. Let's do this together!

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