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Inner Child Healers Training

Gift of Soothing Harp Music for the Holidays Relax and Enjoy soft soothing Harp music for meditation or healing!
Now available here to download to your computer of phone as MP3s. This CD was created for your
meditation, yoga or healing. 1 The Heart Awakens
2 The Journey
3 The Winds of Change
4 The Child Within
5 Discovering Wholeness
6 The Ceremonies
7 Telling the Story
8 Coming Home
9 Initiation to the Universe
10 The Golden Refrain
11 Angelic Chorus $10.00

Give the gift of healing to someone you love.

Gift Certificates available for single sessions of 1 or 2 hours.
















Packages available for discounts of 20% off during the

holidays for any package. Offered till the end of December 2017.


Contact me to order and I will send you a certificate that you can mail or give to whom ever  your wanting to give this gift to.


One  1 Hour Session



You Saved $70.00




One 2 Hour Session


You saved $140.00






Now till February 14th Valentines Day!

Special Offer for Couples to Deepen in Love!


                     • Investing in our closest love relationship is important to

                        maintaining a healthy partnership and life together.


                     • Learning to give more presence with your partner while

                        managing your personal life and feelings takes practice

                        and is a skill worth developing.


                     • Expressing our feelings with each other in ways that

                        support and deepen the love connection builds intimacy.


I have put together a plan for couples that support you as individuals as well as a couple.  First of all your individual personal growth is important to the way you interact with each other. Being willing to

grow and change are important keys to all healthy relationships.


This package includes support for you both:

1 - To Start an initial session to meet and talk about where your current relationship issues are at and what your hoping to achieve in this work.


2 - Three Individual session each to work on your own personal growth with all that I have to offer, Inner Child, Spiritual Counseling, Ancestral Healing, Past Life  Journey Work and Emotional Processing.


3 - Three Couple sessions, learning communication skills, practicing ways to be and share more fully with each other. Aimed at your goals and intentions. With home work for weekly review and measured growth achieved.


This Couples Special Deal Package is 10 sessions - 2 hours for each session. Additional Support if needed can be added.

All for $1950 a discount of $1000 to support you and

your dearest friend, partner and love.




I support you to Deepen Your Love Together!

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