Journey to Wholeness
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All of life is on it's way home. The moment we are born we set off to begin to experience life. We come in as a ball of light our soul arrives as a spark from a greater flame ready to love and be loved. Everything that can not meet us in this prime directive becomes our inner journey for self discovery and the return to wholeness.
Love, Wisdom, Power - These are the three crowns, the trinity of the heart within each of us. When embodied all together, they represent balance and fulfillment of our original spark of life from the flames of God/Goddess/Creator. Paths to Wholeness - The Wheel of Life gives you a practices that helps you stay focused and clear throughout your life from within. The path is called "the way", each one of us can find our own way. You can borrow from others, seek something forgotten or create something new to help you find your own. For me, the way is gentle and seeks to realize everything through peace, forgiveness, love and compassion. The search to find Love Wisdom Power is written in many sacred texts throughout antiquity. It is an understanding that touches upon all aspects of life and gives us the ability to be wisely loving and powerful. If you are only in possession of one crown, the ones that are missing are yours to seek and find. Once obtained, you are able to live in the circle of your life with greater consciousness for yourself and others. This circle has no end. The journey, once chosen, is a path of never-ending awakenings. To know thyself (be the light that you are) and to share your gifts (to know your purpose in life) with the world is a blessing to us all. Living a life of purpose is your opportunity. At “Love Wisdom Power–Paths to Wholeness," we invite you into the circle to claim your Whole-Self and find your own way. May you be inspired every step of the way. What Is Wholeness? Your soul is perfect, whole and complete. When we share about wholeness processing or inner work, we are talking about our human spirit. You are the All Father, full of light, a seed and planting seeds. You are the All Mother, bursting at the seams with love, limitless, and surpassing all your boundaries. To know wholeness within you is to be the love on fire and the light fully blazing to hold it. The Mother/Father within you is in a dance of constants. The two parts of yourself once merged share power, thus forming a complete you. These partners of the self are on a journey on the wheel of life. Moving you along a river of letting go of attachments, ego and an endless stream of illusions. As love deepens and grows you begin to feel an Ocean of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness that can now be part of your life expression. One day you realize you are truly alive in the dance. You are now a “human-being;” all life welcomes you home. The way is the path of never ending moments, all of them wonders worth telling. Through inspiration, you share and awaken others. Wholeness is recognizable; we seek it without knowing and we see it without fully realizing it as our own reflection. Finding wholeness is like waking up to the greatest secret on Earth and knowing it. Awake to wholeness we feel a deep desire to restore life, Earth, humanity, and all of Earths kingdoms back to balance. This comes from the deep connection we have to all life as one family, tribe, kingdom, and world. Our task as a whole human is in uniting to birth the return of honor and the art of sharing, to create together one human family. The Earth needs us all working together to pull off our next leap, the leap to world peace and harmonic life.
The Journey to Wholeness
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